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Diesel Fuel Delivery in Hazleton, PA

Diesel Fuel Delivery

Skotek Oil delivers off-road and on-road diesel throughout Hazleton and surrounding areas including Nuremberg, Weatherly and Ashland. Since 1935 our family-owned fuel supply company has continued to provide residential, commercial and industrial spaces with prompt, reliable service. Our diesel fuel is high-quality and excellent for any diesel engine. From cars and diesel trucks to industrial equipment and generators, we fuel them all.
Fuel nozzle - Diesel Fuel Delivery in Hazelton, PA

Services Include:

  • Prompt, Reliable Fuel Delivery
  • High-Quality On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Fuel
  • Friendly, Professional Drivers
  • Discount Available For Sizable Volume
Contact Skotek Oil Sales for your fuel delivery! No more late deliveries, or sub-par service.